Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joy of Reading ~ Sweet Judy Blue Eyes

...from Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: My Life in Music by Judy Collins

Upon hearing for the first time "Both Sides Now" (written by Joni Mitchell)--

A classic song has much mystery as well as mastery in its form; it sits still in the mind, throwing light on the past and the future, often bringing tears to our eyes, for it reaches into deep emotional wells that are often forgotten in the rush of the moment.  The songs that touch me are on a very high level in terms of form and classic structure, and "Both Sides Now" has all of the requirements to make it irresistible.  For me, it was an immediate love affair.


Nan said...

I love the play on words with sweet for suite (in the song). Witty. She was within an hour from us this summer and we should have gone. Was just listening to Jane Monheit the other day and she does a nice version of Since You've Asked.

Marcia said...

Nan, as raw and open as this book was about her life, it did take me on a wonderful mind ride. It was chock full of musical and musician references. More recently, when Judy Collins was touring for her book Sanity and Grace and appeared at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA, my friend and I were lucky enough to get tickets from the local indie bookstore (Brookline Booksmith) and even luckier to be in the second row, center. After reading from the book and answering questions, Ms. Collins sang a cappella--an experience I'll remember always.

Nan said...

How wonderful, Marcia.

I'm sure she must talk about the death of her son, harrowing for any parent to read.