Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 2011

Time for the May reading recap already? Yikes. Someone please slow down those flipping calendar pages!

MOURNING GLORIA by Susan Albert Wittig (3.5/5 Mystery Scale)
Solid installment in the China Bayles series.

THE OLIVE FARM by Carol Drinkwater (4/5 Non-fiction Scale)
Drinkwater does a wondeful job of taking us to Appassionata and showing us all the beauty--some a bit hard to uncover--and the dedication it took to own this unique property. I don't like olives, but I sure did like this book!

HARVEST MOON by Robyn Carr (3.5/5 Romance Scale)
Interesting set up in that the H/H hit it off right away--no annoying will they/won't they--and the conflict comes from other influences in their lives. Enjoyable entry in the Virgin River series.

STAY by Allie Larkin (4/5 Fiction Scale)
Perfect escapist fiction about family and friendship with a romance tossed in for good measure. And, Joe the German Shepherd--he's everything you love about dogs.

IF YOU ASK ME by Betty White (4/5 Non-fiction Scale)
Charming. You hear Betty White on every page. Photographs are wonderful.

THE ARRIVALS by Meg Mitchell Moore (4.5/5 Fiction Scale)
The story of what happens when the (adult) children come home. Some scenes in this book tore at my heart; others made my heart sing. I've always said that you never know when the phone rings or the back door opens what your children will bring home to you. Ginny and William get the phone calls and open the back door, and how the Owen family deals with the summer of their discontent made for an excellent reading experience.

So, a little bit of everything in May. Favorite had to be The Arrivals. I totally identified with Ginny Owen probably because while they haven't come home, the phone never stops ringing.


Nan said...

How did you do that cool little cloud chart? I love it. I clicked to make it bigger and it's just great. I read The Olive Farm years ago and liked it enough to buy the second one, too, but haven't read it yet. I believe there is a 3rd and maybe even a 4th now.
Does Joe get sick or die in Stay? :<)
I so love what you wrote about The Arrivals. I noted in an earlier reply that I want to read it but these words of yours really got to me. You and I are on the proverbial 'same page' Marcia!!

Marcia said...

Nan~The cloud is done at http://www.wordle.net. When I finish writing my monthly summary, I paste it into Wordle and then play with it until I'm happy with how it looks.

You don't have to worry about anything bad happening to Joe--except for the aftermath of those predicaments dogs always seem to get themselves into! :)

Nan said...

Thanks for telling me. Maybe I can read it now. :<)

Les said...

You and I always seem to enjoy the same sort of books, so I'm going to add The Arrivals to my TBR list since it was your favorite read in May. It has a pretty cover, too. :)