Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Another Statistic

You think that the day will never come--the day when an iconic New England retailer files for bankruptcy and the going out of business sale begins. And that day comes. Then you think, well, they will need me around a little longer as things wind down. Then you find out you should have just stopped thinking as you have the inevitable meeting with your boss where he "with regret" tells you that your services are no longer needed.

After brushing off the damage to your ego and psyche and making those first necessary steps to become another statistic in the unemployment numbers, you're back to thinking. You've been working since 1960 when you made $.10 an hour at the local public library, and now you have a chance to do whatever you want to do all day--and that isn't so bad.

Another chapter begins....

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Les said...

I've just come across this post and had to write and say I'm so sorry you were laid-off! I hope you're doing "whatever you want to do all day." I'm glad you're blogging again!