Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, A Blank Page, and Promises to Keep

Again, we are at the convergence of looking back and hoping forward. I did (for me) do a lot of reading in 2008 but for a number of reasons didn't keep things up to date here at Owlsfeathers. So, I begin anew.

My basic reading goal is the same as ever: To read what I want when I want. That said, I do feel the need (after trying to reconstruct my 2008 reading) to pay a little closer attention to what I am reading and have read during the year. There are many reading challenges out there on various blogs, and I've informally lised them in my pen and paper reading journal just to see where the books will land as they fall open to me.

OK...sounds like a plan.

Happy New Year!


Nan said...

I look forward to more postings, Marcia! I miss your writing.

Marcia said...

Thank you, Nan. Working from home on the computer all day really makes me think twice about settling at the keyboard again in the evening for pleasurable pursuits. However, I do hope to be keep Owl's Feathers a more current!