Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Baseball

James and I went on our annual summer baseball outing today. Instead of the usual Lowell Spinners game, we decided to take in a double header of the 19th Century Base Ball Association.  The games between the Newburyport Clamdiggers and Portsmouth Rockinghams were played at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, MA.

Baseball is baseball, but in 19th century base ball, things are a little different.  The battery consists of a hurler (pitcher), striker (batter), and behind (catcher). Innings are frames; outs are hands; a run is a tally. The uniforms consist of scally caps and high stockings, and one umpire keeps everything straight. You can read more about the history of 19th century base ball here.

 Newburyport Clamdiggers

 Newburyport Clamdiggers 1886

Striker up!

The gentleman in the vest is the umpire!

A view of the outfield. Yes, that is a cornfield in the background.

The Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm was a wonderful setting for the games on a beautiful Sunday. With the ocean not far away, the high 80s temperatures were hardly noticed with the constant sea breeze blowing through. You can read more about the farm here.

The manor house at the farm...

And some of the animals at the farm...

And, promptly at noon, the beer wagon arrived and was greeted by cheers from all!

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