Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Southwest Corner

An e-mail conversation about women who stay with us long after a book is finished led to Nan recommending The Southwest Corner and the story of Marcia Elder to me.  I requested it from my library, and when the book arrived I was thrilled with seeing this lovely first edition copy.

Do you remember when your library books looked like this inside the back cover?

And had lovely bookplates inside the front cover?

The illustrations, attributed to Robert Hallock, were wonderful. I found it interesting that in my library's vcatalog, Hallock's illustrations are referred to as "decorations." Here are two illustrations of Marcia Elder, herself, and another that's just lovely and peaceful to look at.

Originally from the East, Mildred Walker moved west and became known as "a prolific writer" who captured the "essence of rural north central Montana."   You may read more about Ms. Walker here.

Mildred Walker


Linda said...

I do miss the card envelope in the back of library books! It just doesn't feel the same to get a little slip of paper from a machine!

Linda in VA

Nan said...

Before my library changed to numbers (as I think of Bob Seger singing 'I'm not a number'), I went in one day and found my late mother's name on a card in an old book. My heart stopped. All this privacy stuff is ridiculous in the days of everyone telling everything. I loved looking at those cards and finding the names of people I knew, and even my own occasionally. We've lost something.
I'm very pleased you liked the book and I'm prompted to head to a special library I visit occasionally that has lots of old first editions like this - in fact where I first borrowed The Southwest Corner.
Also, I think Tom's mother went to Pine Manor. I'll ask if she ever heard the name Lucy Pratt.