Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Joy of Reading

...from Joy for Beginners

Marion’s fascination with tattoos had always come from the stories that were held within the ink—the ones that were obvious, slamming into your vision with the force of a well-aimed fist, or the secret messages that hid, slipping out only for the moment it took for a shirtsleeve to move, a skirt to flutter.


Nan said...

Of all the postings I've written over the past five years, the top post every day and all time is the one I did on my kids' tattoos. :<)

Marcia said...

Just went and searched out your tattoo post, Nan. Fifteen years later, I'm still working on accepting a certain Pink Floyd The Wall tattoo--a son's rite of passage.

Les said...

And as much as I'd love to get "inked," I can't decide what I'd want. Or where I'd want it. I still like the henna ink I had done on my upper arm a couple of summers ago. You can see it here. The ink was still fairly new, so it was a little more "poofy" than it looked later in the week.