Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Joy of Reading ~ A Fatal Grace

From A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

The store felt like an old library in a country house.  The walls were lined with warm wooden shelves, and they in turn were lined with books.  Hooked rugs were scattered here and there and a Vermont Castings woodstove sat in the middle of the store with a sofa facing it and a rocking chair on either side.  Gamache, who loved bookstores, thought this was just the most attractive one he'd ever met.


Nan said...

That is such a wonderful description. I've found many like them in her books, yet the books overall I don't care for. I think I didn't like the characters in one and just gave up after that. There was some sort of scandal (?) going on with Gamache that I didn't enjoy either. I am in the great minority because every blogger I've read really likes Penny's work. And the author seems like such a nice person. I have occasionally read her blog and so enjoyed it.
I am spending my morning with you, starting here and going back. :<)

Marcia said...

Nan~When I started with the first book in the Three Pines series (Still Life), it was difficult to keep the characters straight and to decide whether I liked them or not. By book 3 (The Cruelest Month), I came to like them not only for their strengths but also for their very human weaknesses. Penny has done a wonderful job setting up me up as a reader as I try to grapple with the possible Gamache scandal.

Yes, Ms. Penny's blog is quite delightful!

Thank you for stopping by. I'm eager to read your comments on other posts as you sift through them.

Nan said...

Maybe I should just plain begin again and see if I feel differently. I did write about this one:


Les said...

Nan, I've only read the first in this series and it didn't knock my socks off. I think I'll continue, though, since so many people have raved about the books, my mom included. I think I'll try the next on audio--once I finish with the Masie Dobbs' series.