Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome, Lucy Begonia

Yes, dear Juliette, we did say that you would never be replaced--and you haven't.  Lucy Begonia is her own girl with her own story.

Lucy was originally adopted from the MSPCA Nevins Farm shelter by friends of our son.  Although just a kitten, she quickly became the companion and comfort for one of Brian's friends--a friend that left this life all too young.   The ensuing changes left Lucy living with two other cats, and she was not happy at all.   Then, I got the call:  "Mom, just go see her.  She's really a nice cat."  So I did, and she is. 

Four-year-old Lucy has been with us just over a week and has found her favorite window, a nice hidey hole when she wants to be alone, and (best of all) she's drawing a bead on our resident mouse.

So, dear Juliette, you haven't been replaced.  We've just opened up a new place in our hearts for Lucy Begonia.  We know you will understand.  Besides, you never really did get that whole "the cat in the house is supposed to catch the mouse" thing.


Les said...

Awww. Sweet post, Marcia! Happy hunting to Lucy Begonia. :)

readerbuzz said...

I realized today that something was wrong....I'm not getting feeds from your site. I've been trying to organize my Google Reader and I suddenly realized I could not find your blog. I came here, but no feed is detected. Help!

Marcia said...

Thanks, Les. Lucy is a wonderful addition to the family.

Deb~ I have no idea why the feed isn't working or how to go about fixing it. :(