Monday, December 31, 2007

My Year in Books

Looking through my list of books read in 2007, I had grand thoughts of posting a detailed review of my reading year--best book, favorite book, worst book, laugh out loud book...all the various categories that lend themselves to these year-end reading retrospectives. Oh, this was the wait, this one; ah, but what about this one? Impossible!

Scrolling down the titles, I remember the pleasure that each book brought to me at the time. Some books jumped into my hands with a defiant, "Read me now!" Others sat, patiently waiting for me to notice them. Did I enjoy some more than others? Definitely. Did some books make me just want to crawl inside them and soak up the texture of the words? Oh, my, yes. Did some books leave me wanting more? Sure did!

So, no ranking best to worst or categorizing fiction to non-fiction. No enumeration of pages read--just wonderful recollections of words, phrases, ideas, and images that made up my 2007 reading year. That, and the affirmation that I was true to my steadfast reading goal: To read what I want to read when I want to read it.

Bring on 2008 and the reading pleasures waiting just the other side of midnight.

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