Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Music

Each year I hope to find among the new holiday music releases that one CD that just sweeps me up in the season. Last year's find, Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan, was a wonderful addition to the mix; George Winston's December is a staple of the category. This year, however, I've searched wide and far for that one holiday CD--iTunes, listening stations at Barnes & Noble, those 24/7 holiday music radio stations--all to no avail. So, my recommendation for holiday music this year is a favorite from years past, The Gift by Liz Story.

If, like me, your taste in holiday music leans toward a calm and quiet presentation of the traditional tunes, you will find comfort and joy in the gifts of Liz Story.

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Nan - said...

I just bought three new ones for this year's Christmas.

Amy Grant - A Christmas Album (I have her other two and love them)

Raul Malo - Marshmallow World & Other Holiday Favorites

Boney James - Christmas Present

and a friend gave us A Ray Charles Christmas

I just got out all the cds and set them up awaiting December 1 and December. I, too, love it, and always begin my listening month with that cd.

I'll look into the one you mentioned. Thanks.