Friday, September 21, 2007

At This Moment

Urged on by Nan, here is my moment...

This morning at 6:45 am while stopped at the traffic light leading out to the main road of my daily commute, I looked to see what I could see~~

A distinguished elderly gentleman and his faithful companion on their morning constitutional.

A firefighter raising the American flag at the fire station.

The two young men who live in the nearby apartment building on the return leg of their morning run.

The windows of the elementary school turned bronze, reflecting the sun just rising over the tips of the trees.

Morning gray clouds tipped in rosey red by that same rising sun.

Remains of morning fog rising up from the pond across the street.

Bright spots of reds and golds in the maple and oak trees signaling the season to come.

...and I heard the click, click, click of my right turn signal as it tried to keep time with the Morning Wakeup Mix from my iPod

...and what I felt sitting in my car, windows and moonroof open...fresh, cool air with a hint of the warmth of the day to come, this last Friday morning of summer.

Thank you, Nan, for giving me the excuse to stop, look, listen and feel. It's definitely something I should do more often!


Nan - said...

I loved every word! It felt like I was sitting right beside you. Would you mind if I shared it with my husband? I think it would be a good model to show his students. I love the "click, click, click" and the school windows, especially. I hope you'll do this occasionally. It is a great way to communicate to others about our lives. Great post, Marcia!

Marcia said...

This was fun, Nan. I don't mind at all if you share it. One other thing I've been doing lately is to make a conscious effort to spot something on my morning commute that I can carry in my mind through the day as a stress buster. This morning's was a black cat sitting in a field of multi-colored mum plants at a local farm I pass by.