Sunday, May 20, 2007


Have you ever set out on a task filled with expectation and ideas only to find as time passed that ideas were hard to come by and expectations fell short? Well, that's my experience as a blogger. I looked back over my meager 40 posts this morning and realized that what I really enjoyed was the preparation to blog--the reading, the listening, the thinking, the writing. What I did not enjoy so much was the execution--the fiddling, the saving, the viewing, the fiddling...all of which take precious time away from the reading, the listening, the thinking and the writing.

So with my notebook opened to a fresh page and my favorite pen in hand, I shall continue chronicling my life's pleasures in a simple, more tactile way. I will visit and revisit favorite blogs (Lesley's Book Nook, Letters from a Hill Farm, Keep the Coffee Coming) and happily leave the blogoshpere to those who do it oh so well and who provide me daily fodder for reading, thinking and, yes, writing.

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